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Blue Belt Requirements Empty Blue Belt Requirements

Post  _dub_ on Sun May 17, 2009 2:56 pm

These are the requirements of Kyle Saunders to be able to test and achieve your blue belt. Monday night's classes will focus on everything listed here.

Blue-Belt Requirements Quick Reference

1 Escapes

1.1 Mount

1.1.1 Upa plus one variation

1.1.2 Elbow/knee plus two variations

1.2 Side Mount

1.2.1 into guard plus three variations

1.2.2 go to knees plus three variations

1.3 Closed Guard

1.3.1 Pass under legs plus three variations

1.3.2 Pass over legs plus three variations

1.4 Head lock

1.4.1 Frame and one variation

1.4.2 Hook and one variation

1.4.3 Knees and one variation

1.4.4 Roll and one variation

1.5 Kesa gatame

1.5.1 Roll and one variation

1.6 Cradle

1.6.1 push on knees

1.6.2 roll

2 Dominance

2.1 Mount

2.1.1 armpit

2.1.2 hips

2.1.3 side

2.1.4 back

2.2 Side mount

2.2.1 four control positions

2.2.2 kesa gatame

2.3 Closed guard

2.3.1 low guard

2.3.2 high guard

2.3.3 leg control

2.3.4 head/arm control

2.4 Open guard

3 Submissions

3.1 Armlocks from guard

3.1.1 spinning

3.1.2 kimura

3.2 Armlocks from mount

3.2.1 spinning

3.2.2 paintbrush

3.2.3 spinning from side

3.3 Chokes from guard

3.3.1 guillotine

3.3.2 palm up, up

3.3.3 palm up, down

3.3.4 triangle choke, legs

3.3.5 triangle choke, arms

3.4 Chokes from mount

3.4.1 triangle choke, arms

3.4.2 fist choke, front

3.4.3 fist choke, side

3.4.4 rear naked

3.5 Leg locks from guard

3.5.1 straight foot lock

3.5.2 achilles crush, near and far

3.5.3 heel hook

3.6 Leg locks from bottom of mount

3.6.1 foot lock

4 Sweeps from guard

4.1 hip bump

4.2 scissors sweep

4.3 elevator sweep

5 Stand-up

5.1 hip throw

5.2 leg reap

5.3 single leg

5.4 double leg

Obviously this is a very extensive test. It is my goal to help everyone achieve their blue belt, but the commitment will come from you guys. Anyone willing to put in the work, I am willing and happy to help.

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Blue Belt Requirements Empty Re: Blue Belt Requirements

Post  YouTube on Thu Oct 08, 2009 11:56 pm

Anyone who can make it to class early tomorrow to rep some of this I'm and Dub are prob gonna be there sometime early..not sure what time..I can be there anytime after 4.. just post on here or PM me and I'll give you my celly...Even if you're not planning on testing for your blue soon it can't hurt to rep some technique and b4 you know it you'll be testing too...

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